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Robert ▓Rodriguez managed to turn twice the filmma▓king firepower int▓o half the bo▓x office (and ▓a third of the crit▓ical praise). With "Grindhouse," what began as an explicit exer▓cise in joyous B-movie cinema▓ homage -- a double bill of▓ '70s-style schlo▓ck, one film from each director -- ended up aping its scuzzy genre a▓ncestors a little too closely▓ in the recei▓pts depa

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rtment. A▓fter the thr▓ee-hour-plus ▓"Grindhouse" opened to a mere ▓$11.6 milli▓on, Harvey Weinstein split the f▓ilm's two parts -- ▓"Death P

roof" and "Planet Te▓rror" -- and shuttled them to international markets indi

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h the $120 million-grossing "Inglourio▓us

Basterds" this year, "Grindhouse" was o▓ne instance ▓where loyalty nearly bro